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Nov 4, 2010
Is it really time to start thinking about holiday gifts again?

I just can't believe it, just last week I was still worried about buying candies for the trick or treaters and now I'm inundated with holiday publicity and Christmas carols at the store.

It is like a nationwide conspiracy to make you feel that you are already late if it is November 4 and you don't have already all your friends and family presents yet.

Hey don't get me wrong, I own an online baby boutique, and I know how important it is for companies, and specially for little business like mine to get the revenue from the holiday season, but I am also a consumer and I don't like being pushed to buy more than I need or faster than I need to (if you know what I mean)

So this holiday season I'm going to take my time, I'm going to ignore the illuminated Christmas trees at the door of the stores, pass by those lovely gift baskets with little lotions and  sample size bath salts they insist to put in front of me at the hallways and I will even use my ipod with my running music play list to rush through the store and not hear to the carolers on the background. In fact, I'm not going to decorate my store with wreath and stockings at least until December is here.

But that's just me, on the other hand I understand there are people who love the rush of a getting a good deal, they love to be ready a month in advance and probably they are the smart ones that will have a rested week previous to the holiday season, while people like me will still be running and looking around for a gift for the uncle that decided to join us at the last minute for Christmas Eve.

But for those people who are ready to buy for the holidays even when the Halloween  pumpkins are still in the front yard... for those, I raise my glass and invite them to visit my beloved store, Swanky Blooms, and get done with all your baby gift shopping!

I can assure you that you will be happy with our selection and prices, and that way no baby on your list will be left giftless, like I did last year with my cousin's daughter, but again, that is just me.

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