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Jun 16, 2009
I always wanted my kids room to look and feel as if they've traveled inside their favorite book so they could feel inspired to live a thousand and one adventures.

We went for the "Safari" theme filling up the room with giant canopies that pretended to be plants and vines and placed stuffed animals hanging from all places. They really loved it, but I always felt I didn't accomplish exactly what I wanted.

Recently I stumbled upon this company in Canada that makes this wonderful 3D Murals, you have to see them to believe them, they look so... alive.

For their Safari theme they have a Giraffe that stands 6 feet tall next to her baby and they really seem to be coming out of the wall ready to join you for story time.

safari 3d mural

They also have different themes like the solar system for the future astronaut, or the nursery rhymes with the athletic cow jumping over the moon.

space 3d mural

I'm loving them, and I wish I knew about them long ago. For now, my kids are already putting away their stuffed animals and replacing them with computers and video games, but I'm sure they still day dream with their adventures in the jungle.

The world of Beetling is based in Canada, but they ship to the US as well.

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