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Jul 22, 2008

I love to receive flowers... Who doesn't, but what I really don't like is to have to throw them away after just a few days, specially when I see how expensive they've become. They used to be the most affordable way to show your appreciation. I still think that receiveing flowers is a beautiful, beautiful thing, and that they are the best way to say a lot of things like... Congratulations, Thank you, I love you, I care for you or Welcome to the world!

That's why after some thought and a lot of sleepless nights invested, I came up with the idea of our Swanky Blooms, they are impressive Bouquets that look just like beautiful flower arrangements but if you look closely you will see that the flowers are really made from different materials,.. it depends on the gift, and the recipient, but they go from baby clothes for our Baby Bouquets or baby socks for our Tiny Toes Sock Bouquets to luxury towel sets for our Spa Blooms or Kitchen linens for our Cooking lovers Bouquets.

I am sure that the person who recieve our blooms will be amazed at how beautiful they are and will find them very clever, practical and useful.

Let me invite you to take a closer look to our lines, we have the Baby Bouquets that double as a gift for mom and baby, they are also great for hospitals and first time visits to celebrate new arrivals, and they make stunning baby shower centerpieces. They come in all sizes to fit all budgets from Baby Sock Bouquets to a Complete Layette of Baby Clothes, and all of them stand on their own and come in beautiful decorated tin pais that later can be used for storage or decoration.

And there are the Blooms for every occasion, these gift Boquets come really handy when you want to make a statement with your gift, they are just righ to show your appreciation, say thank you or to take to your next bridal shower.

And because we know that every gift should look amazing when you give it, they all come beautifully presented in a clear box tied with ribbon with a complimentary gift wrap and card.

So there you go, if you are like a lot of people who still love flowers but hate to see them go to waste with the money they cost... Why not send a Swanky Bloom instead.

This is our first year in business with our very unique line of Baby Bouquets, and we've already been named "The Ultimate Baby Gift". We can only say... Thank you.

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