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Jul 20, 2008

Get a Baby Bouquet at Swanky Blooms

The latest trend in Baby Gifts is the Baby Bouquet, these are bundles of blooms that look just like flowers, but they are in fact made from infant clothing rolled up to look like beautiful flower blooms.

This clever idea probably originated in Australia or the United kingdom more than a decade ago, where they have been very popular for quite a while, but this trend it is finally catching up in the United States where some crafty grandmothers use to make them with baby socks and use them as corsages on Baby Showers many, many years ago, but lately this corsages have grown to unimaginable sizes, making these Baby Bouquets a stunning sight for any new mother who is lucky enough to get them as a gift.

But not all Baby Bouquets are equal, since the infant clothes are rolled up it's very easy to disguise poor quality clothing until it is too late and the gift has been delivered and opened, also some bouquets are wrapped with floral tape and in spite from all claims it will damage the clothes and leave a sticky residue, most of these Bouquets can't stand on their own so the receiver will have to hold them eternally to display them or unwrap them right away, which in some cases will take up a whole morning of work.

So if you are looking into buying Baby Bouquets do some research, ask the retailers about the fabrics and materials they use and also about their shipping and handling since you want your gift to arrive just as it looks on the website. Make sure they have a big selection to fit your budget, from Baby Sock Bouquets, to a Complete Layette of Baby Clothes.

At Swanky Blooms we took all these things in account and we created our own line of handmade Baby Bouquets with the highest quality materials, all of the baby clothes we use are made with 100% cotton fabrics and very soon we will be adding a line of organic Baby Bouquets to our collection, at our website you will find not only a list of the contents but the actual pictures so you can be sure of what you are sending as a gift.

All of our blooms come in a decorated tin pail so they stand on their own and can be used as decorations for the nursery or as stunning Baby Shower Centerpieces, and later the tubs can be used for storage. To save you time and money they come in a display box already gift wrapped with a complimentary gift card ready to be delivered, and will arrive looking just as the ones on our site. We also worked very hard to make it easy for the recipient to take them apart and we guarantee that the clothes will look just perfect after unwrapping and since they are only hold by a clear band there will be no sticky residue on them.

But why stop at Baby Bouquets? Our line has extended and now we carry Gift Bouquets for every occasion, from Spa Blooms with luxury sets of towels to Cooking lovers Bouquets with a full set of Kitchen linens. The perfect way to show your appreciation, say Thank you or to take to your next Bridal Shower. Let me invite you to take a look at our Bouquets and Blooms so you can see the difference.

Happy Shopping !

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